Training Classes

Phlebotomy - See PCT

     Nurses Aide -   A person who assists individuals with health care needs with activities of daily living (ADL's) and provide bedside care, including basic           nursing procedures all under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in health facilities or institutions.

Take Nursing to next level for students aspring more, Kareful and Karefree Training School, Inc. offers the option for Nursing
Assistants to continue their education to Patient Care Technicians, which is a Nursing Aide with EKG/Phlebotomy

Home Health Aides (HHA) - and Personal Care Aides (PCA) help people who are disabled, chronicaly ill or cognitively impaired, and older adults, who need assistance, live in their own home or in residential facilities.  They also assist people in hospices and day programs and help individuals with disabilities go to work and remain engaged in their communities.

Aides provide light housekeeping and home making tasks such as laundry, change bed linens, shop for food, plan and prepare meals. They may also help clients get out bed, bathe, dress and groom themselves. Some accompany clients to doctor's appointments, or other errands.

 PCT - This course includes 60 hours for EKG, which specializes in electrocardiogram, stress testing and holter monitoring.  Second part of the course includes 65 hours phelbotomy which will focus on drawing blood and other specimens from blood donors for medial testing and processing. The student completion will be able to work in hospitals, clinics, labs, and large medical facilities.